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The staffing industry is currently growing. With the U.S. economy doing as well as it is and unemployment as low as it is, companies are having a harder and harder time finding the right people to fill their open jobs. That being said, companies are turning to staffing agencies, NaturalData, to fill these roles for them. Depending on the company's needs, NaturalData can fill permanent/direct positions as well as contract roles. We can also work on a contract-to-hire basis. The gig economy is trending upward, meaning candidates are sticking with contract roles and hopping from contract to contract. All of this can be done and made easier through staffing agencies. We take care of the screening of 100's of resumes, drug tests, background checks, employment paperwork, the taxes that are included in having a W2 employee, health insurance costs, and so much more. We make it easy. NaturalData, the NATURAL choice for your staffing needs.