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Staff Augmentation & Permanent Placements

IT Personnel

We all know the face of the Information Technology world is always rapidly changing and there is no going back. As a direct result of current industry, economic and sociological necessities, the IT industry is undergoing a number of fundamental shifts. In order to remain cutting edge and ahead of the pack to their clients and customers, it is important for businesses, large and small, to monitor developments closely, adapting their products and services to meet marketplace demands. Let us find the right IT professional for you.

Engineering Personnel

Our single reason for existence is to know your business and we target ourselves on recruiting and placing an organization’s greatest asset — its people. We do so by understanding the engineering and manufacturing industries, its workers and your business allowing us to make the optimal matches and bring financial results for our clients. US Manufacturing is improving, durable goods orders are rising, and US Infrastructure projects are increasing. All good news for the Engineering/Manufacturing sector! Electrical, Mechanical, and Quality jobs look very good. US defense projects remain strong and a large part of spending. Engineering grads are receiving multiple offers. Let us bring these engineering professionals to you.

Accounting Personnel

As the complex demands in tax systems and federal, state, and local laws and regulations are ever-changing, the outlook of the accounting profession continues to blossom. With upward trends in accounting opportunities and salaries, the accounting field has lately expanded to include a wider variety of specializations, providing professionals with greater career options and better opportunities to thrive in niche areas. Let us find the right accounting professional for you.

Administrative Personnel

Where would we be without our Administrative Personnel? Great administrative and office professionals can keep your organization productive, efficient and successful. Let us find the right administrator for the job.

Telecommunications Personnel

The telecom industry continues to be a center for growth, innovation, and advancement for industry. Mobile devices and broadband connectivity continue to be more and more engrained in society today and thus the business community. Momentum around key trends such as video streaming, online retail and mobile payments etc. is driving work within Telecom. Our stuff…Our electronics…Our homes...Our cars…Our work which we like to be connected continue to push industry to mobile and “smart” device utilization and connectivity. Who wants to worry about coins in your pocket for parking? Digital technologies require telecom infrastructure. Let us source these great Telecom minds for you.

Creative & Marketing Personnel

Creativity is important in every position. Successful marketing is essential for business. Here we connect you to innovative advertising, marketing, creative, digital, interactive design professionals and more.


At NaturalData we know that finding employees in the job market today, is not only about finding the right skill set but also finding employees with the “Whole-Package”, the right background, and personality. We evaluate each candidate’s skills with the proper applications and can provide reports and scores. We offer Aptitude and Personality tests to give the employer a better idea of what type of personality the candidates may exhibit. We can test candidates on the latest software packages and specialized skills.

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